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Yes, there are really truly real people behind each of the 'ubermoles'. We live in different places and haven't all met each other in real life. We lead a variety of glamorous lives (ha ha) and hopefully that diversity will give a range of views when we answer readers' questions. Each ubermole has developed her own profile, and each answers readers letters as they see fit.

I'm Anya, and the remainder of the content on the site is mine - graphics, web-building, cocktails, links, costumes etc. As you may have guessed, I spend way too much time playing with dolls and thinking about sex. The others obviously have more fully developed REAL lives.

I won't charge you for our gracious company, but flagrant bribes are always accepted. Vintage Barb** doll clothes (sorry, no trade-names allowed here) are my very favourite and will definitely get you a mention. You can find them on yahoo auctions or e-bay... I kid you not! The lovely people at Scarlet Letters gave me this beautiful 1950's yellow lacy Lounge Jacket. Sexy, eh?

After six months of spending a tragic amount of time on this site for no purpose but my own amusement, I have recently decided to go commercial & sell out. Well, it's the way of the world and a gal's gotta eat. And you get free wallpapers and e-cocktails, so quit yer whinging!

Most pics on this site are direct scans. I am queen of the cheap flatbed scanner. And for those who keep asking, here's one little photo of the 'real' me. I'm the one with red hair.

Site traffic, for anyone interested, is currently averaging around 800-2000 hits/day.

July 2001

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