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So what's the webkitty up to?

anya's art - august 2000
oh let me stay, please? i'll be good, i promise!
anya's adventures - airport 2000
anya's adventures - phoenix
anya's adventures - las vegas
anya's adventures - tokyo
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23 November 2001: Long time between drinks, but a new tale... Farewell Fallopians!

28 November 2000: Back in Australia. Not much happening here. Someone got killed by a White Pointer shark at my local beach, which is the first fatal attack in 75 years. The paper went into a frenzy about it, but I still think you're more likely to die DRIVING to the beach than once you're in the water...

30 July 2000: I'm currently spending a lot of time on two new domains - fork-you.com and goldentarot.com.

23 June 2000: Invited 'the LA fireman' from the Vegas story to fly up & visit me for a few days. He claims to be too busy working. Saving lives instead of shagging ME! Talk about selfish, some people are just so inconsiderate. C'mon! Do I have to call 911?

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