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anya's art

Apart from making silly websites in the hope of entertaining good people such as youself, I also paint.

So if you happen to know a gallery or art dealer in the US or UK who might be interested, let me know. I have a CV of my previous exhibitions (all in Australia) and more examples of my work online, under my "real" identity of course. I've had four major solo shows and sold about 150 - 200 pieces in my four years as a painter. If you're interested in buying a piece and relieving me of some of my excess baggage, I'd love to hear from you! My selling prices are in the $100 - $500 range, depending on size.

The pieces here aren't actually for sale but I can get pics of the ones that are, as I finish them. They all look the same anyway. *lol* I guess they call that having a distinct style. I call it having a very narrow range!

You can send some of my favourite pics as e-cards, and if you close-up on some of them, you can see the lights-off version. Are we having fun yet?

August 2000


click for close-up

Oh, and a little piece of trivia about my paintings - the eyes glow in the dark. I figure a lot of art is better with the lights off, but at least I intend it to be that way! I'm such a kid. I thought all my birthdays had come at once when I discovered glow-paint.

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