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Ubermoles are generous by nature, so we thought we'd share with you some of our favourite places. Our letters page and virtual cocktails, not to mention our links, will be updated on a regular basis - so there's always something new in the ubermole lounge.

If you're a webmaster, or even just have a homepage, you're welcome to link to us and assist in our mission for WWW domination. Or send one of our sexy e-cocktails to everyone you know to spread the word - we're the kind of gals who LIKE a reputation.

Click on each of us to see our own favourite links, and more links are listed by category below. Or compiled for Red Planet is an ABC of favourite things, by Anya. If you ever find a broken link, we'll be truly grateful if you let us know at kat@retrokat.com.

We hope you enjoyed your time with us, and would love to hear from you. See you again soon!

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I love this site, but I'm still not leaving the monitor.
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