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So you want to take an ubermole home? Some of our more popular pics are now available to you, free of charge, as wallpapers for your PC desktop.

As I'm keen on including everyone, I've done them at a variety of screen resolutions. Choose your resolution, pick which wallpaper you'd like, then follow the instructions. And if you get bored of these wallpapers and want something even weirder, try my forkbending site. As thought I wasn't intimidating enough already, I can also bend your cutlery at will. Sometimes.

If you need any more help, or would like to request wallpapers of other ubermole pics, email me on kat@retrokat.com. I'm usually quite obliging. These images are all copyright, and only to be used for personal home or office use. Under NO circumstance can they be used for commercial purposes without express permission.

Also, I'm considering selling customised vintage dolls with lingerie. Email me if you'e interested in purchasing a 'real' ubermole.

1024x768 res wallpapers

800x600 res wallpapers

640x480 res wallpapers

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