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Make it charming, make it witty, make it original, and maybe you'll make it... (onto our letters page). Email us at kat@retrokat.com (no attachments, please). Ask the ubermoles those things that you always wanted to, but just couldn't bring up with your girlfriend... Love, sex, romance - get some real answers to your most pressing questions. Most recent questions are now listed first.

Cathy, it's me Heathcliff (Anya, Francoise & Ubermale)

Avoiding commitment (Anya & Francoise)

Female orgasms 2 (Anya)

Female orgasms 1 (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

Phone-sex (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

If you were super-heroines, who would you be? (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

What should a guy say during sex? (Anya, Disco & Francoise)

Electric Beacons - sex toys and their use (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

What do women really want? (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

Back door man (Anya, Disco, Francoise & Ubermale)

Flatmates' noisy sex (Anya, Bronte, Disco & Francoise)

Is it OK for a guy go straight to sleep after sex? (Anya, Bronte, Disco & Francoise)

Does Ubermale work with his hands? (Ubermale, Bronte, Francoise & Anya)

First-date sex - yes or no? (Anya, Disco, Gina, Francoise & Ubermale)

What do you think of threesomes? (Anya, Disco, Gina & Francoise)

Is love all you need? (Anya, Bronte, Disco & Francoise)

Do you prefer tongue studs, or young studs? (Anya, Bronte, Disco, Gina & Francoise)

Can stalking work? (Anya, Bronte, Disco & Francoise)

Toilet Seat Etiquette (Anya, Bronte, Disco, Gina & Francoise)

Where are the G, H and W spots? (Anya, Bronte, Disco, Gina & Francoise)

How can you tell if she's faking it? (Anya, Bronte, Disco & Francoise)

What's your favourite position? (Anya, Bronte, Disco, Gina & Francoise)

Does size matter? (Anya, Bronte, Disco, Gina & Francoise)


Tell someone who gives a damn.
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