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Does Ubermale work with his hands? Desperate & Dateless

UBERMALE: If, as I discern, your use of the word "work" is referring to "bedroom work" the answer is a resounding "yes". The modern male thinks nothing of whipping up a quick set of bookshelves or re-routing some plastic extrusion while pleasuring his woman. Most men (and quite a few women, I've heard) have an extensive set of power tools laying around the modern bedroom and, as such, it's never been more convenient to attend to numerous alpha-denoted "spots" with one piece of the anatomy while carefully securing a dove-tailed joint with another.

BRONTE: Does he ever....and oooooh those power tools!!!

FRANCOISE: Work me baby! Work me! Do you take trade in on old used battery-operated models?

ANYA: He has excellent fingering technique. On his Rickenbacker, anyway.


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