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Is it OK for a guy go straight to sleep after sex? Bassman

ANYA: Depends on the situation - the back seat of a Cadillac is NOT the most comfy spot to bed down for the night. Or if he's in my territory, he only gets to stay as long as he's amusing me - and snoring males do NOT amuse me in the slightest. I'm not a total bitch - I'll call a cab.... but falling asleep in my bed is NOT an option, big boy.

BRONTE: Oh absolutely!!!! So much easier for a girl to disappear out the house with his wallet and a few other 'souvenirs'.

DISCO: Not if he is expecting more sex. But i think this Q and A is purely scientific. Guys are predisposed to dropping off after a good shag and in ancient times it was then the chikita's job to guard the roost from the marauders. Flash forward to current times and it is no excuse. Wake up petal, you got a job to do!!

FRANCOISE: Snnnorrrre! Boring, boring, boring! What happened to 3 times and you're out?


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