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The back door - does it do anything for an ubermole? or the ubermale? Curious

ANYA: I'm sure it's got it's appeal for people who were unlucky enough to be born without a vagina, but personally I'm not at all keen. OK, I can see why guys want to do it, assholes being tighter than vaginas on the whole, but like I'm going to go along with anything I don't enjoy (that would be SO unfeminist). I think that any guy who tries to cajole a woman into it should get over his homophobia and try being on the receiving end at least once. You shouldn't do it if you're not willing to take it, baby! There are even videos on how to do it with a strap-on, called "Bend Over Boyfriend" (see below). *lol*

On a serious note, if you're thinking of trying to get a partner into back-door play and they're not keen, think about the consequences (see my response to threesomes). It's unfair and sure to backfire, excuse the pun. And just because something's fashionable doesn't mean everyone should be interested, sexual desire is hopefully a little more important & personal than the latest skirt length. It's being called "the last taboo" in the press, but the amount of coverage it gets these days suggests it's anything but taboo. In fact, in the pro-sex circles I move in, it's more of a taboo to say that you think it's not a good idea. I personally think that it is unsafe, both in terms of disease transmission and physiology - the rectum was not designed for intercourse and is easily damaged, and even with a condom, bacteria are being transferred in unhealthy ways (never never never have vaginal intercourse after anal, please!). Would you stick your fingers in a poop? Maybe I'm a little oversensitive, having worked in the HIV field, and I certainly believe in risk minimisation so I'm all for educating people on how to reduce the risks. But for myself? No way. And don't say it's because I'm inhibited *lol* cos I think I could refute that pretty easily!

One thing that has totally shocked me in the US is the number of teens who are having unprotected anal sex in order to avoid pregnancy. A condom is JUST as essential for anal sex, if not more so. Unpleasant though it may be, there are ways to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. HIV is incurable, and anal sex is the major way it's transmitted. So if you MUST do it, use a condom!!!

DISCO: Which page are you up to in the Karma Sutra darling?? Curiosity got the human species where it is now.. so don't look back. Think of all the recent heights of human evolution and scientific endeavour: hell, the Sydney Harbour Bridge winked on New Years Eve ;) !!!

FRANCOISE: As I've said, I'll try anything at least once, but some things never twice.

UBERMALE: 1. I take my guidance in matters of the anal probe from our alien soul brothers. As is widely known, Earth's interstellar visitors are much more advanced socially, technologically, intellectually and, presumably, sexually so when we read of their constant preoccupation with rectal exploration it doesn't take an ubermale to realise there's got to be something to it.

2. I guess it depends on the way you've been reared. It's all Greek to some people but, to others, it's just the end. I know there's been reams written on the hole subject by all kinds of bums but most of it has a hollow ring. The bottom line is, if you don't want to look like an ass, be careful.


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