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First of all thank you all for the fast replies! I like your site, and it is good to be a part of it!

And special thanks to you, Anya. Maybe I shouldn't even be a typical guy defending his ego & image, but I think you got me a little bit wrong on a few points. Me comparing two women came out specially wrong. Maybe I just wanted to show that I "helped make" orgasms to other women - just so I wouldn't get an answer like "did you try foreplay". :-)

My question was primarily directed at what you know about learning to have orgasms. I have talked with some women who acquired it with age, so I am trying to find out how. I heard stuff from the effectiveness of combined orgasms, to vaginal muscle exercises, to of course psychological stuff. So Anya, you are very right that she shouldn't feel pressured, and I will do my best to help her feel that (no-pressure). But the thing is that she is very curious about these orgasms, not just me. (so I guess this is where you got me a bit wrong.....or my English wasn't good enough :) So anyway, thank you on the technical advice too, as well as the psychological type of advice. And before you tell me, I promise: I won't forget that what we are talking about is not psychology, positions, biceps and endorphins - but we are primarily talking about making love. Do you agree? :-)

I wish you all the best ubermoles & ubermale & keep up the good work & the honesty thing! Further

ANYA: Thanks for your great response. Sorry if I sounded like a typical feminist pouncing on you like that - it was just that when you said your g/f was happy with her sex life, I took you literally. If she IS interested in exploring different types of orgasms, there are several instructional videos & books for women on techniques for orgasm and female ejaculation available from Intimate Gifts and Toys in Babeland - (see below). I haven't actually seen these myself, but the female staff there recommend them and they sure know their stuff. Remember, though, that it's not just technique - some people can wiggle their ears, some women can have major G-spot orgasms & ejaculate. If she tries the techniques & it doesn't happen, it could be simply that she doesn't have the nerve pathways. As I said before, the G-spot is thought to be related to childbirth & it's sexual aspects are really just a very pleasant side benefit. But it's certainly worth checking out the techniques, cos when it works, wow. For a link to the latest professional advice about female ejaculation, check out the G-zone, Dr Gary Schubach's site. For someone who hasn't GOT a G-spot, this guy knows his stuff....

And I take your point about making love - love is certainly the best ingredient to a fabulous sex life. Although you can still have a fine time without it *lol*. I could go on for ages about my opinion on the relative merits of "relationship sex" vs "recreational sex" but I'll save that for when someone actually asks...


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Dr Gary Schubach's site - all you ever wanted to know about the G-spot and female ejaculation.