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What is an ubermole, you may ask....

Reclaim the bad name! The mole is back! Move over ubermodels, we're the NEW grrls in town.

The Ubermole resides here - a mole she is, but oh so much more. More than a bad sort, more than an easy lay and no common scrag. She is no one's little petal.

Obnoxious, opinionated.. and ohhhh so much fun. She says what she really thinks and says it at volume!

Your mother would tell you the Ubermole is not the right girl for you, but you won't care. She's the kind of chick other women eye with suspicion as she talks to their boyfriends. She listens to Bach, but also gets sweaty in a mosh pit. She could be the girl next door, she could be the quiet girl in Accounts, but here... she is an UBERMOLE!

Welcome to our lounge. Sit yourself down. Relax. Order one of our e-cocktails and ask us your most personal questions. What have you got to lose? If you ask nicely, we'll certainly give you our honest and frank opinion - which is more than you can say for those mere mortals in the real world. And if you miss us when you're offline, why not take one of us home - as a desktop wallpaper.

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