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Creator of this site, call her 'webkitty', because she's master of none. Wild and uncontrollable, yet always self-controlled. Anya sure won't let you drive, but she might let you tag along for the ride...

Inspirations: European and inde cinema. Lara Croft. Barbara Stanwyck, Katherine Hepburn, all four Catwomen, Brigitte Bardot, Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Sharon Stone, Daniela Nardini, Helen Mirren.

Fave TV: Prefer cinema... but I do like the X-Files and the original Twilight Zone. English drama - Silent Witness, Prime Suspect, This Life. Shows with intelligent, strong female characters.

Fave Music: Things with a good hard bass beat, sultry vocals or clear sparse beauty. Say, Chemical Brothers, Julie London, and Hildegarde of Bingen (11th Century) respectively... Oh, and I never get tired of the Velvet Underground.

Favourite Drink: Vodka, cold and neat. Cosmopolitans. Good coffee. Or red cordial - and hang the consequences!

Favourite Reading: Witty novels, trashy magazines, dark humour.

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