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For those of you who don't know who Mahir is, either you're new to the web or... you must be new to the web!

He's the charming unpretentious Turk who has taken the world wide web by storm. OK, he admits himself that he never wrote 'I like sex' (a hacker added those fateful words) but it led him to international noteriety nonetheless.

He recently completed a tour of the US where he's a major celebrity - and not just with us cyberbabes. Limousines and glitzy parties for 'the man in the red bathers'. There are entire webrings of fansites for the web's first lo-tech anti-hero.

Go check out the site.... the phenomenon that is Mahir.

mahir i kiss you

BTW, he has invitated me to visit him in Turkey, but he invitates ALL the girls. Hmpf.

(not my animated gifs)

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