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Film-maker/ Adventurer who absolutely loves archaelogy and dancing (Talk about contradictory ventures). I'm trying to see if I can cram all of these things into one lifetime. Why not give it a try? Always reach for the farthest star, right?

Inspirations: Kate Hepburn, Paolo Coelho, Elizabeth I, Amelia Earhart, Mae West, Jacques Costeau, women adventurers everywhere, Josephine Baker, Heinrich Schliemann & Howard Carter (discoverers of Troy & King Tut's tomb respectively), anyone with passion and courage enough to go after their dreams.

Fave TV: Tend to watch more videos & cinema, documentaries. Doctor Who (Tom Baker/ Jon Pertwee years), Star Trek Next Generation/ Voyager. (Ssshhhh -can you keep a secret..? South Park).

Fave Music: Very little I don't listen to - have a penchant for swing and latin, and certain Sinatra and Ella songs *grrrrr*.. Puccini, ultra lounge and tunes I can move to.

Favourite Drink: Pink lemonade with an occasional vodka smoothie.

Favourite Reading: Books that use a mixture of science and mythology to try and explain our existence, Pablo Neruda, comical short stories by women, ee cummings, fantasy (not sci fi), Nikki Giovanni, erotica.


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