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Well, I'm in the big US of A, so I just had to visit Vegas. Didn't manage to get hitched to a millionaire, which would have been SO handy considering I've nearly run out of money. And I've always wanted a drive-thru Elvis wedding. Oh well.

I lost $30 within minutes of arriving, which was enough to put me off the whole gambling idea. So what else is there to do in Vegas? PAR-TAY! After all, the Margaritas are a dollar, and it's a hundred degrees outside.

Went to Studio 54 nightclub at the MGM Grand (the least tacky of the casinos). Got hot & heavy on the dance floor with a very cute fireman, and had a mighty fine time. Apparently American girls find it necessary to say "no" a lot or guys think they're a total tramp. Luckily, that's NOT the case back home, so I wasn't gonna turn down some gorgeous salsa-dancin' hunk. Call me a tramp, see if I care! *sigh* Yep, a mighty fine time.

Another high point was the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. OK, wall-to-wall nerdy Trekkies, but the space capsule ride was WAY cool. Sorry, no photos allowed, so you'll have to take my word for it. At Quark's restaurant, I skipped the Klingon burgers and went straight for the James T Kirk, sort of a Las Vegas Iced Tea. Just the thing for intergalactic inebriation. Back in the room, I saw the movie 'Galaxy Quest' which was a very good parody of the whole Trekkie phenomenon & the perfect end to a day of total geekiness.

April 2000

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