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anya's alphabet 26 of my favourite things, for martian lovefest

A is for Animal Prints. Here's a cool one for webpage use.
B is for Barbie - check out her early years.
C is for Catwoman. Love all four of those feline fatales.
D is for Diana Rigg, the original Emma Peel, karate-kicking scientist.
E is for Eartha Kitt. Mrrrow!
F is for Fiennes. Either will do - Ralph or Joseph.
G is for Graveyard Slut - sexabilly punksters from NYC.
H is for Hello Kitty Hand Vibrator. Shame they're only about 2" long.
I is for Intercontinental Playboys - voodoo crooners from Down Under.
J is for James Bond. I wanna be a Bond Girl!
K is for Keirsey Test. Makes more sense than "what's your starsign?".
L is for Leisure Suit, a magazine for guys like you.
M is for Mahir, that lovely unassuming Turk with world's most popular homepage.
N is for Nina Simone. That voice, that piano, that.... *sigh*.
O is for opaque stockings and old clothes - preferably 1940s.
P is for Princess Leia, aka Ms Carrie Fisher. Read her books, they're fab.
Q is for Queen Elizabeth 1 (the Virgin Queen). Centuries ahead of her time.
R is for Retro magazine. Sadly no longer happening, but their archives are worth a visit.
S is for Scarlet Letters erotica e-zine. A fine way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.
T is for Thunderbirds. F.A.B. Virgil.
U is for Ubermoles, of course. Come and grab an e-cocktail from our lounge bar.
V is for Velvet Underground - my all-time favourite band.
W is for Wit. William Shakepeare had it by the bucketload.
X is for Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John, sweet, serene and squeaky-clean.
Y is for Yvonne Craig - Batgirl. Loved the Batbike especially.
Z is for Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie's finest period (musically, anyway).

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