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21 July 2001: Finally got it all organised - with a sitemap. Now professionally hosted at my expense. The advertising comes nowhere near even paying the hosting :^( Ah, well it's still fun so I keep paying.

20 May 2001: Left the Bla-Bla network - TOO many ads!

20 July 2000: Added recommended products in uber-shopping. Buy, buy, buy!

1 July 2000: Redesigned the site to give more information to newcomers.

25 June 2000: Sadly, Bronte & Gina are leaving the team. We lost them to that great unknown, "real life". Two fabby new people will be taking over those lovely boots very soon, meanwhile we live with anticipation!

1 June 2000: Added wallpapers for those who want to take us home and expanded forkbending fun. Also, I've been writing for other sites.

25 May 2000: Francoise joined the ubermole team. Check out her profile & 'talk' responses.

24 May 2000: Became www.ubermole.com!

8 May 2000: Became an official "Ask A Feminist" at LeisureSuit.net and decided to sell out.

7 May 2000: Added about us for those interested in who's behind the site.

15 November 1999: Lounge of the Ubermole was born.
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