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These are a few products that I personally recommend. OK, so I'll get a small commission if you buy them through my affiliated sites, but at least you have someone to blame if you don't like the product :^)

I'll add more items here as I get feedback from readers or test new products myself. Happy buying! I heartily recommend Toys in Babeland, they're a fab bunch o' chicks to buy from. For an excellent fun selection of toys, check out ubershopping for vibrators. Prices are in US$ and do not include freight. How about some gorgeous Moulin Rouge style lingerie ?

toys in babeland
toys in babeland

avanti polyurethane condoms

Ah, the irony. I'm all for safe-sex, but I'm latex-allergic. As you can imagine, that played havoc with my social life until polyurethane ones were developed. They have the added advantages of being super-thin, thus increasing sensitivity, and non-reactive to even oil-based lubricants, making them more versatile than latex condoms. You can visit the durex scientific site for info about the relative safety and performance of polyurethane vs. latex condoms.

They're pretty expensive, but certainly worth the extra expense if you're allergic to latex (about 3% of the average population and 12% of the Health Industry, as increased exposure increases allergic sensitivity).

Available from Toys in Babeland:
3 for $6.40

reality female condoms

Condoms for her. Empowerment, or what? And they're polyurethane, so suitable for latex-allergic gals like me. These are also good for when he has trouble finding condoms to fit - one size fits all girls!

Yes, they're very expensive - but your health and safety is worth investing in.

Available from Toys in Babeland:
$3.75 each

toys in babeland
toys in babeland

astroglide lubricant

This is the very best lubricant. It's pricey, but it's extremely effective so you don't need a lot. And the label glows in the dark, so it's easy to find when you need it. It's also water-based, tasteless and non-staining, all of which are very good points in a lubricant.

Available from Toys in Babeland:
35 ml - $6.50
2.5 oz.- $9.00
5 oz. - $15.00

wet flavoured lubricant

"We held off carrying flavored lubes because high sugar content can be linked to yeast infections...then we found out about non-sticky, sugar-free flavored lubes! Take your mouth and genitals on a trip to the tropics with eight fruity flavors: Pina Colada, Wild Blueberry, Fresh Mango, Sweet Cherry, Passion Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Wine Grape and Kiwi Strawberry. A great stocking stuffer any time of the year!"

Recent evidence suggests that oral sex CAN transmit HIV, especially if you swallow the semen. And as anyone who has ever given a blow-job with a condom can tell you, lubricants and spermicides taste gross. So buy unlubricated condoms and use some tasty lube - surely a blowjob has to be better if the person giving it isn't getting a mouthful of spermicide (or sperm, for that matter).

Available from Toys in Babeland:
8 pack - $9

toys in babeland
toys in babeland


"With the lid on, this discreet male masturbation toy resembles an over sized flashlight, but twist the lid off and a sumptuous pink mouth appears. The soft creamy pink filling of the pliable tube is the most tantalizing fleshy texture imaginable.

Just about every woman who works at Babeland has said, "if I had a penis, I would definitely want one of these!"

Available from Toys in Babeland:

dolphin ring vibrator

"Dive into sumptuous clitoral pleasures with the powerful vibrations of this tiny bullet vibe encased in deliciously soft rubber jelly shaped like your pal Flipper. The smooth, soft, pink rubber jelly ring stretches easily over fingers, a dildo, or a partnerís penis. Adjust the speed to your liking and plunge into the penetration and clit stimulation combo that so many women crave."

Takes two AA batteries.

Available from Toys in Babeland:

toys in babeland
toys in babeland


Leather, rubber, studs, velcro - all shapes and sizes to help do the job of keeping him harder for longer.

Available from Toys in Babeland:
from $5

cyberskin penis extension

"Designed for use during intercourse and composed of the delightfully flesh like substance we in the sex toy world call "cyberskin" this sheath rolls down over the penis to extend the length approximately 3". It also adds some girth for those who want to try a wide ride.

Can also be used in conjunction with slimline vibrators for a more realistic feel."

Note: Pictured is 1.5" model, not available.

Available from Toys in Babeland:

toys in babeland
toys in babeland

victoria's panty remote-controlled vibrating g-string

"A G-string for the sexually adventurous, this black, faux leather, remote control panty can be activated up to 15 feet away. A small bullet shaped vibe sits in a pouch over the clitoris, while the battery tucks into a second discrete pouch above it for a hands free thrill. More reliable than ESP, you can let your sweetie know you are thinking of her from across a crowded room with a flick of the small switch."

Elastic waist and thong style center band fits up to 36" hips. Uses a 12 volt battery (which comes with the toy) and two AA batteries.

Available from Toys in Babeland:

toys in babeland gift certificates

Perfect if you want to give your partner a sexy gift, but would prefer to leave the actual selection up to them. After all, choice of sex toys is a very personal preference.

Toys in Babeland have an excellent selection of vibrators, dildos, cockrings, and more, so they're sure to find something to please them. In fact, chances are that it will be something you'll both enjoy...

Available from Toys in Babeland:
$10 - $100


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