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all wallpaper choices for 800 x 600

To copy this background as your Windows desktop wallpaper, you can just right-click on the background and then choose "Set as Wallpaper" & left-click. Oila! The picture should now be on your desktop, and fit perfectly if you've chosen the correct resolution. I've deliberately left the left side black so as not to clutter up your desktop icons. You'll need to scroll around here to see it - it's made to fit your desktop, not your browser.

If you want to download more of them to set as desktops at different times, that's a little more complicated. You'll need to "Save Background As" to your local drive, and then probably have to change the format in a graphics package to a .bmp and then move it to your Windows directory. Much easier to just call back here and do the "Set As Wallpaper" option everytime you want to change it - there may even be new ones to choose from.

If you need any more help, or would like to request wallpapers of other ubermole pics, email me on kat@retrokat.com. I'm usually quite obliging. I have more wallpapers available in my forkbending site if you want some variety.

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