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What's your favourite position? Fallen Angel '68

ANYA: Being made of plastic narrows the options a little. But aside from any limitations imposed by knees and elbows that don't bend, I'd say whatever feels right with that person at that time. I don't like to go to bed with preconceptions or expectations - two people following their own instincts (and each others) is far more interesting.

BRONTE: Ruler of the World - every time! Bow down to me baby!!!!

DISCO: Behind the DJ box would have to be MY favourite, with love in the back seat of a Cadillac a very close second.

GINA: Always at the front of the line at the grocery store. But disregarding shopping, my favourite position depends on mood, availability of space, the healing of carpet burnt knees, enough sun screen, and the danger of being caught in a public toilet stall.

FRANCOISE: I hate to narrow my options too much. I'll try just about anything... once... Say, have you heard of Karma Sutra Barb**? Seriously though, I have tried Tantra with my partner, and sitting on his lap, both of us still, breathing deep, staring into each other eyes, and channeling our energies is a serious mind f@*k!


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