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What to do with the toilet seat? Jacobyte

ANYA: Although of course I appreciate the consideration of a guy putting the seat back down, I think that the assumption that it's the Done Thing has little basis. On the whole, men go to the toilet more often that women, so you could make just a strong a case that "up" should be the default toilet seat position. One exception to this is if the woman has cystitis - especially since it's likely that the guy caused this in the first place and it hurts like hell. In this case, he's unlikely to get to use the loo anyway - unless he can bribe her out of the bathroom with cranberry juice and a hot water bottle..

BRONTE: I'm afraid I follow a fairly hard line on this one, based not so much on frequency of use (although I disagree with Anya - I would swear that women use the toilet more often than men), but rather in the manner of use. It has been by experience that men tend to be (and yes I'm sure this is a gross generalisation) much more careless when going to to the toilet and have little mishaps more frequently than women - and for this reason alone, I feel quite strongly that men should lower the seat after use!! As for the little puddles in front of the toilet seat - don't get me started!!!

DISCO: Down baby! And stay down unless you are giving it a quick scrub.

GINA: Get a grip (physically if you like) but get over the toilet seat thing. If it's up, it's up. If it's down, coax it up! Oooppsss, lost my train of thought. But I could never figure out the big deal. Don't you think guys get annoyed with the seat being down all the time? If you have a problem, pee outdoors!!!

FRANCOISE: Strange you should ask. Just the other day a good friend of mine stayed the night. I noticed we were going through an enormous amount of TP, and then saw some stuck under the seat between the rim. I thought to myself, "How does this girl wipe herself?" and figured I'd better get to the bottom of this quandry. As it turns out she was using the TP to touch the seat with, so she could put the seat down without touching it with her sweet little fingers. She bought me a new packette of TP the very next day... Oooops! What was the question again?


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