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If you were super-heroines, what would your names and powers be? I am also curious to find out what your HQ would be named and where it would be located. DarthTraV, Technical FunkDaddy of the Sith (edited due to length)

ANYA: Catwoman, of course. My power would be the ability to seduce do-gooder super-heroes and make them acknowledge their darker side. I could stop them in their tracks with a narrowing of my eyes and one throaty growl. My prowess with a whip would be beyond compare, and I would ALWAYS land on my feet. My HQ would be "The Lair", located in an abandoned industrial building in some faceless big city. Hmm.. sounds a lot like the real me!

DISCO: As much as I want to be Wonder Woman (in my satin tights fighting for my rights) - I will express my individuality by calling myself, The Sub Bass Babe!! My headquarters is in a rundown innercity warehouse and I cover my tracks by hold all night dance events which thousands of people attend. Anonymity in the numbers..

FRANCOISE: Elvira. With powers of seduction, the ability to morph into other creatures "meow", the dexterity to walk in 6-inch heels, breast implants, false eyelashes, ultra-cool wardrobe all in black and long dark wigs of hair. Isn't she a super heroine?

UBERMALE: Superhero Alias: International Lurex; Superpowers: Invisible to clerks and other government lackeys, bionic heart, self-cleansing; Stronghold: Citadelica; Location: Not telling


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