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First time in the Lounge of the Ubermole? Well, I'm very glad to see you here and hope you'll become a regular visitor.

This site started as a sort of parody of the concept of celebrity and web culture - hence using the dolls an an ironic representation. But I don't want to overanalyse. If you don't 'get it' then me explaining won't do any good. It's supposed to be funny, but I don't expect everyone will find it to be so. I'm pretty amazed when people DO get it.

The main point of this site is entertainment. I want you to have fun. And along the way, perhaps I'll be hoping that I get across a few messages - like the fact that a lot of feminists prefer lingerie to dungarees, and that fabulous sex is a fine and noble pursuit - I'll even point you towards porn sites that don't assume you're a moron.

So what's here? Well, the most popular area is the bar. The drinks are always on the house in the Ubermole Lounge. You can either browse around to find the perfect drink for entertaining at home, or you can send the recipes as e-cocktails. Very handy if you want to know if he/she is reading your emails, since you get a confirmation back when it's picked up.

I've recently added desktop wallpapers. So now, you can take home an Ubermole.

Then, there's the talk section, where readers email in questions and get a range of responses from each Ubermole.

The links pages are very extensive and regularly maintained. I love the web, and I'm always keen to share the best of it with others.

The latest site goings-on are updated regularly in the News pages, including all my latest adventures. There are also pages about each of us, a description of what we mean by an 'Ubermole', and a whole lot more. At last count the site had about 300 pages, so explore away until you're sick of it all, or Real Life beckons. You can navigate the main areas of the site from the bottom of each page or the front page - you can return there at any time by clicking on the "Ubermole" logo. If you want to find your way around the site, there's a sitemap linked from the top right hand corner of every page.

Yes, this site is commercial. I get paid for the ads you view, and I believe in being totally open & honest about my advertising policy. There's also now an ubershop of recommended products such as vibrators and condoms. Or you can buy just about any book, video or dvd through my Amazon and eBay link. I get a small commission if you buy through here, so it would really help to support the site if next time you need these items you consider checking out our affiliates prices.

August 2001


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