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I am: Trouble. I've been told I'm exhausting, although I can't imagine why....

I love: Making my own rules. Challenging people's preconceptions. Triumph over adversity. Ambiguity, shades of grey... movies where the line between good guys & bad is kinda blurred, eg: Bladerunner, Strange Days, Heavenly Creatures, Nikita, 5th Element, The Player, Henry V, Betty Blue, La Haine.

I hate: People who waste their talents, who are negative or too afraid of failure to try to achieve what they otherwise could. People who feel sorry for themselves. Jealousy - especially people who resent the achievements of others. Crowds - I prefer one-to-one. Smoking - what gives someone the right to damage the health of others around them?

I want: It all. Although not in a material sense - I wouldn't sacrifice my freedom for $.

Pastimes: Climbing onto the roof in a storm to watch the bats wheel around. Reading Carrie Fisher, Dorothy Parker, Kurt Vonnegut, Armistead Maupin (wit before intellect!). I love to curl up by a fire, but sometimes I forget to keep my claws in while I'm playing. I also write stuff.

Ideal Partner: I love being single, but if I did want a relationship, it would have to be with someone who didn't feel threatened by me following my own path. Or for a short-term fling, someone passionate and intense... That instant (chemical?) mutual attraction. Spark. Intelligence is very sexy. So are sideburns - although as for any other facial hair, aaaah! Stubble rash! And I know I've sworn I'll never shag another musician EVER, but I'd make an exception for Beck, Cat Power or any one of the Beastie Boys.

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