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Well, there's the web.. duh! I'll even make you a website for money, what a trollop, eh? But check out my little rants first at retrokat.com. You may notice my name isn't really Anya. I hope you're not too disillusioned.

In my spare time, I sometimes destroy perfectly good cutlery (see fork-you.com). And I'm responsible for goldentarot.com.

I also paint, write and stuff (see kattyb.com). There are a few of my more relevant song lyrics here - Sailor, Silhouette and Short Attention Span. And I write erotica, although I'm not saying I'm a good writer! Will add a link to that when the relevant site is finished.

I like tattoos too - got my first one when I was 18.

aluminum foil deflector beanie
My AFDB protects me!

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