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I am: a try-hard trollop

I love: Inane conversations, Scottish pipe bands, lambrettas, jelly, jellyfish, polymer chemistry, cocktail sausages, Barry Manilow’s Cobacabana, interactive anything, floaty pens and snow globes, objet d’art, superconductors, volcanoes, knowing who the Saint of the Day is (just in case), maraschino cherries, thigh-high boots.

I hate: Misuse of power, ignorance, apathy, stupidity, arrogance, capers and tripe.

I want: to rule the world (nicely of course)

Pastimes: Hmmm... I'll get back to you about these...

Ideal Partner: A perky wee lad – he’s witty, intelligent, “a lively conversationalist”, has integrity, has some concept of stylish dressing - but please no fights over the mirror, looks sexy in a dress (naturally willing to play dress-up) and is a great snog – what more could a girl want!!


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