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I am: Contradictions. Just when you think you've got me figured out*I'll surprise you.

I love: To laugh til I cry, meeting new people, ice blended mocha's, being the only one in the cinema, dragons and a belief in magic, late night conversation and star gazing, teamwork, "long, wet kisses that last all weekend", driving fast, the unbelievable fun of scuba diving, and the feeling of falling for someone- the anticipation, the promise.


I want: Utopia for all. But if I can't have that I'll settle for writing and filming fabulous stories that inspire people to live lives they love.

Pastimes: Exploring the mysteries of the physical and spiritual world, brunches that turn into suppers with fabulous, intelligent and witty friends, jumping out of planes, off of boats, over cliffs and into cars. And when not searching the rainbow for the next pot o' gold I can be found trying to string the right words together.

Ideal Partner: An equal that can turn me on with a look, with a laugh. A boy who can stimulate me intellectually and challenge me physically; a man with a passion for life, someone who values shared independence; has to know how to play. A best friend and travelling companion. Someone who hopes there's more to life than what we see.

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