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Talk to me.
Give me something.
Tell me anything whether I like it or not.

Right now I stand somewhere between a maybe and a no!
and I'm uncertain whether to lean toward either.
Fences are just too uncomfortable to sit on for long.

I know it's a bit forward but
can I have all of your smiles?
I'm willing to barter* that's fair isn't it?

And those questions, are those questions
just questions?
Or am I supposed to read more into "hey?"
(as if those words had been written for no one else but me,
nor spoken before, I'm sure I'd have remembered)

How typical!
I start with trying to bully myself
into writing something,
just one thing
of any value at this stage
But MY words head in the opposite direction
to where my head is.
I don't want my heart in these words
this is not for you

nor about you
oh me, why you???

I was fine.
I was sane.
A little crazy, but I was fine.

Don't they all say that?
Who is/are "they" anyway?
And do we care who "they" are?

You, on the other hand,
(at this time, holding neither of my hands-
I need one to write but the other is spare)
where did you come from?

and where am I going too?
Bad line from an old song got into me, I'm sorry.
But these days I'm full of cliches
and aged western songs of love won and lost.
It's okay,
it's curable
I'll just*forget who you are
got it all under control.

Who are you anyway?
And when did my words get away from me and join forces with you

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